What You Should Know About High Alumina Bricks

Dec 19, 2023

Refractory bricks are a building material used in high-temperature environments and can withstand extremely high temperatures and chemical corrosion. In the steel industry, refractory bricks are widely used in the lining of high-temperature furnaces, converters, smelting furnaces, crucibles and other equipment.


High alumina brick is one of the common types of refractory bricks, its main ingredients are high alumina ore and high purity alumina. High alumina bricks have excellent fire resistance and can withstand high temperatures of over 1,700 degrees Celsius. It has excellent slag erosion resistance and refractory brick temperature bearing capacity, so it is widely used in high-temperature furnaces and smelting equipment in the steel industry.


The characteristics of high alumina bricks include high strength, high refractory temperature, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, high alumina bricks also have good thermal shock stability and can maintain stability under rapid cooling and heating at high temperatures.


However, it should be noted that high alumina bricks also have some limitations. Since high alumina bricks are prone to thermal expansion and contraction at high temperatures, the effects of thermal expansion and contraction need to be considered when using them. In addition, high alumina bricks may be corroded by chemicals under some special environmental conditions, so it is very important to choose appropriate masonry materials and construction methods.


In short, high alumina bricks play an important role in the steel industry, providing reliable lining materials for high-temperature furnaces and smelting equipment, ensuring the smooth progress of the production process.


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