Market Analysis Of Bulk Refractory Materials In November 2023

Dec 21, 2023

Window data show that in November, the bulk raw material market was mainly stable, the benchmark price of silicon carbide fell again, and magnesia suppliers were planning to raise prices.


Many accidents have led to increased concerns about the impact of safety production, the impact of environmental protection in winter is not reduced, short-term domestic bauxite mining capacity is limited, and the supply is still tight, which forms a strong support for prices. Light burnt bauxite affected by bauxite, the supply continues to be tight, brown corundum production cost support is strong, individual enterprises have to raise the price plan. The price of bauxite is difficult to fall, the cost of industrial alumina is effective, but the consumer side continues to flat performance, industrial alumina price range adjustment, although the price at the end of the month has declined, but the monthly average price increased. Coupled with the arrival of the heating season, the price of natural gas has risen, and there are rumors that the price of electricity has risen, providing a certain support for the white corundum and sintered corundum market. However, orders for the preparation season are not as expected, and the situation of corundum is temporarily stable. [magnesia] full suspension of explosives, electricity price increases and other news, as well as strong fuel prices, stirred the magnesia market, magnesia companies hope to raise prices, but the demand is cold, sintered magnesia, fused magnesia market price upward difficulty.


As the weather turns cold, a very small number of flake graphite enterprises have stopped production due to equipment, and the supply has a trend of further reduction. However, from January to October, China's net import volume of flake graphite is still as high as 11,200 tons, coupled with carbon-containing refractory products enterprises using other tail materials or waste to reduce costs, reducing the consumption of authentic flake graphite. Demand is poor, flake graphite market can stop falling weak stable operation is not easy.


The bauxite market is mainly stable. Bauxite supply is tight, the overall demand is less than the same period in previous years, most buyers stock enthusiasm is not high, mostly on demand procurement, but bauxite enterprises have adapted to the current demand situation, mainly to supply old customers, the number of new customers and procurement are relatively small. Some Shanxi and Henan enterprises said that the two regions have environmental inspections this month led to temporary production, but most Shanxi enterprises said that the basic production will not be more than a week, so the impact on production is not large, the company did not adjust the price of bauxite. The bauxite market is expected to remain stable until the end of the year.


Silicon carbide in raw material prices decline, weak demand, coupled with poor exports and other multiple factors superimposed, the price continues to decline. After the second and third quarters of furnace shutdown maintenance, the operating rate of silicon carbide production enterprises in the northwest has increased in the fourth quarter, so the silicon carbide inventory has increased, and some enterprises will focus on inventory removal. In terms of raw materials, the market for petroleum coke and anthracite coal is weak and the price has declined. It is expected that in the later stage, silicon carbide will be weak operation. Contribution: Silver Neilian


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