The Group Standard Review Meeting For The "Technical Specifications For Green Design Product Evaluation - Magnesium Carbon Bricks" Organized By The China Refractory Industry Association Was Successfully Held

Dec 25, 2023

On December 8, 2023, it was organized and formulated by the China Refractory Materials Industry Association. Zhejiang Zili High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center Co., Ltd., etc. were responsible for drafting, Beijing Lier High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd., Hebei Guoliangxin Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kete High Temperature New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Zhendong Technology Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Jinlong Refractory Materials Co., Ltd., Liaoning Qinghua Refractory Materials Co., Ltd., Haicheng Lier Magxita Materials Co., Ltd., Jinan Lu Dong Refractory Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongfeng Furnace Charge Co., Ltd., Luoyang Lier Functional Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huzhou Fuziling Refractory Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hongying Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinnai New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Silicon The group standard "Technical Specification for Green Design Product Evaluation Magnesium Carbon Bricks" compiled by the Salt Salt Association and other units has successfully passed the review. 32 representatives from 18 units including members of the Standardization Technical Committee of the China Refractory Industry Association, manufacturing companies, design units, and scientific research institutes attended the meeting.


This meeting will be held in an offline + online format. The meeting was chaired by Li Yongquan, chairman of the Standardization Technical Committee of the China Refractory Industry Association. First, President Li introduced the experts and participants, and then General Manager Wei Guoping of Zhejiang Zili High Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech. The meeting elected Professor Li Yong from the University of Science and Technology Beijing as the leader of the review expert group.


In accordance with the procedures, representatives of the standard drafting units reported on the preparation background, a brief summary of the preparation process, and the summary and processing of comments on the standard draft. The participating committee members and experts strictly reviewed the format and content of the standard preparation instructions and the draft for review word for word with a scientific, rigorous, serious and responsible attitude. After thorough discussion, the members of the expert group unanimously agreed that the standard has reached the international advanced level.


The "Technical Specification for Evaluation of Green Design Products - Magnesia Carbon Bricks" standard puts forward the relevant requirements for green design products of magnesia carbon bricks, filling the gap in the evaluation standards for green design products of magnesia carbon bricks at home and abroad. The formulation of this standard will play a leading role in the development of green and low-carbon products in the refractory industry.


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