What Is Light Weight Insulating Castable?

Jan 26, 2024

Lightweight Insulating Refractory Castable is a refractory castable with light weight, high strength and excellent thermal insulation properties. It is mainly composed of lightweight aggregates (such as perlite, vermiculite, etc.), high-temperature stable materials, binders and additives.

Lightweight insulating refractory castables have many advantages, such as low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good thermal insulation properties, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, erosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in various high-temperature industrial equipment, such as industrial furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, steel furnaces, glass melting furnaces, etc., to improve the energy efficiency of the equipment and reduce energy consumption.

According to the material composition and performance characteristics of lightweight heat-insulating refractory castables, it can be divided into different types, such as perlite lightweight heat-insulating refractory castables, vermiculite lightweight heat-insulating refractory castables, and high-aluminum lightweight heat-insulating refractory castables. Materials etc. Each type of lightweight insulating refractory castable has its unique characteristics and scope of application, and users should choose according to specific circumstances.

When using lightweight insulating refractory castables, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Mixing ratio: The mixing ratio of lightweight insulating refractory castables should be in accordance with the instructions for use. Different types of lightweight insulating refractory castables have different mixing ratios, and users should choose according to specific conditions.

Construction method: The construction method of lightweight insulating refractory castables can be selected according to specific circumstances, and methods such as manual construction, mechanical construction, and pumping construction can usually be used. Different construction methods will affect the density and uniformity of castables.

Curing: Lightweight insulating refractory castables should be kept moist during curing, and the curing time is generally more than 24 hours. During the curing period, it is necessary to prevent the castable from drying out prematurely and causing cracking.

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