What refractory bricks are needed for industrial chimney construction?

Jan 29, 2024

Industrial chimneys are an important part of kilns. They are generally divided into red brick chimneys, concrete chimneys and steel chimneys. They are mainly lined with refractory bricks or refractory castables. The size of the industrial chimney is determined according to the type of kiln and working conditions. The shape of the chimney is mostly round and simple, with a diameter of about 18 meters to about 230 meters.

The main function of the industrial chimney is to discharge the waste smoke from the kiln, and also to prevent the flame burning in the furnace. When the temperature of the waste gas entering the chimney is high, the inner wall is generally built with a working layer. If the flue gas is acidic, acid refractory bricks must be built. Lightweight refractory castables are also used. Today I will show you how to build them. What refractory bricks are needed for high temperature flues?

Since the temperature of the flue gas is relatively high, the refractory bricks of the flue should meet the characteristics of higher refractory bricks. However, some flue gas is corrosive when discharged, so the refractory bricks need more corrosion resistance. Therefore, the flue refractory bricks In addition to the weight of the flue, the selection should also be based on the properties of the flue gas produced by the medium, such as the temperature of the flue gas, whether it is corrosive, etc., so the flue refractory bricks are generally made of lightweight refractory bricks. Mainly, while reducing the weight of the flue, it can also resist the erosion and corrosion of the flue gas, so you can choose lightweight mullite bricks, lightweight clay bricks and lightweight silica bricks. In addition to being light in weight, these refractory bricks are also It has excellent fire resistance and heat insulation, ensuring that the flue is not damaged by high-temperature heat flow, and can also resist the continuous erosion and corrosion of flue gas.

When selecting refractory bricks, you also need to make a reasonable selection based on the shape of the chimney, whether it is better to use standard bricks or special-shaped bricks. If the chimney is round, you need to choose special-shaped refractory bricks, such as ax-shaped bricks or knife-shaped bricks. , if the chimney is rectangular, standard refractory bricks can be used. When building the gaps between bricks, high-temperature cement can be used.

At present, our common refractory bricks for building chimneys mainly include: Those that can absorb hydrogen fluoride should be alkaline refractory bricks, usually magnesia bricks. If the flue gas is acidic, you should choose refractory bricks that are resistant to acidic media. There are also common ones: Clay bricks, high alumina bricks and silica bricks should be selected according to the properties of the flue gas.

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