Insulation refractory materials: Precautions for tunnel kiln roof refractory material construction and equipment installation

Mar 19, 2024

1. Key points of kiln roof construction technology


1. The cross-section of the reinforced concrete structural parts of the load-bearing beams of the kiln ceiling must meet the design requirements, with an allowable deviation of ±3mm in size, and the installation position should be accurate, with an allowable deviation of ±3mm. Before installing the load-bearing beams, the centerline of the beam placement position should be marked on the reinforced concrete ring beam at the top of the kiln wall. The end face of each beam structural member should also be marked with the centerline so that the two centerlines can coincide with each other during installation.


2. When installing load-bearing beams, you can use the metal frame of the kiln car to transport it and adjust the height. It is strictly prohibited to place a jack on the kiln wall to lift the load-bearing beam components to avoid damaging the kiln wall.


3. Before installing the prefabricated hanging board on the kiln roof, the quality of the hanging board, hooks and hanging pots should be inspected. Construction can only be carried out after they are confirmed to be qualified. Never install it first and then inspect the physical and chemical indicators to avoid rework due to unqualified results.


4. When installing prefabricated hanging panels on the kiln roof, attention should be paid to: first, the hooks should be vertical and not diagonally pulled; second, the board seams should be filled with refractory fiber felt, which should be done at the same time as the hanging boards are installed. The thickness of the felt should be twice the board seams. , to ensure compaction; the lower part of the felt is flush with the bottom of the hanging board, and the upper part should be no less than 50mm higher than the hanging board; thirdly, the space of the hanging board placed on the top of the kiln wall should also be refractory padded Fiber felt, the thickness of the felt is also twice the height of the gap.


5. After the hanging plate is installed, the temperature measuring and pressure measuring casings and coal adding pipes must be installed first, and the gaps between the pipes and the hanging plate holes should be plugged with refractory fiber cotton, and then sealed with refractory paint; then all hanging plates should be installed. The refractory fiber felt on the plate seam is pressed to both sides and pressed with refractory paint at the same time; then the kiln roof insulation layer is covered according to the design requirements, and a certain thickness of refractory fiber is wrapped around the exposed temperature measurement and pressure measurement pipes and coal adding pipes. Felt, tied with thicker wire. The thickness of the insulation layer should not exceed the length below the heat-resistant hook eye. After passing the quality inspection, the upper cover can be fully installed.


6. The temperature measuring and pressure measuring pipes and coal feeding pipes installed on the hanging plate on the kiln roof should have a 20mm gap between the lower end and the hanging plate, and should be supported by the upper cover plate to prevent the hanging plate from being damaged due to load.

2. Key points of equipment installation and construction techniques

1. Key points of fan installation technology


The smoke exhauster and hot air fan installed on the top of the kiln are generally fixed on the brackets of the steel structure with bolts. Therefore, it is first necessary to pay attention to the stiffness of the steel structure frame to meet the requirements for fan operation, otherwise it will cause damage due to the high fan speed. vibration. In addition, the steel structure frame should not be connected or in contact with the kiln roof to avoid affecting the service life of the kiln roof due to frame vibration.


Fans with frequency modulation devices do not need to install fan inlet gate valves. The steel chimney located above the fan should be equipped with a steel structure bracket to bear the pressure of the chimney, so that it can be easily disassembled and assembled when repairing and replacing the fan casing.


As the cooling water source for the fan impeller bearing seat, a 2m3 water tank can be set up near the fan and a self-priming pump can be used to supply water. This saves water and avoids the need to lay long water supply pipes.

2. Key points of air duct installation technology


(1) When the air temperature of the air duct exceeds 150°C and the length exceeds 15m, an expansion joint should be installed.


(2) The air ducts laid through the upper part of the kiln roof should not be laid along the longitudinal center of the kiln due to their large mass and expansion migration, especially in the roasting zone, to prevent the load-bearing beams on the kiln roof from being deformed or broken due to overloading. It can be laid on the kiln walls on both sides of the kiln or on the brackets at the beam ends, which is safer and more reliable.


(3) The fan pipe passing through the kiln roof should avoid affecting the installation and maintenance of the temperature measurement and pressure measurement pipelines.


(4) The top of the smoke exhaust chimney does not need to be equipped with a rain cover, but the top of the moisture discharge pipe must be equipped with a rain cover.


3. Technical key points for installation and debugging of hydraulic jacking machine


(1) The allowable elevation deviation of the reciprocating lifting frame is +0/-5mm to prevent the frame from colliding with the lifting frame due to the smaller diameter of the wheels after the kiln car moves.


(2) The pipelines and fuel tanks of the hydraulic system must be cleaned when installed. Refueling and test running are not allowed without cleaning.


(3) When debugging, pay attention to whether the two hydraulic ejector rods are synchronized and whether the position of the trolley ejector block is appropriate, and handle it on site depending on the specific situation.

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