Introduction to product applications and characteristics of high alumina brick castables

Mar 21, 2024

High alumina brick castables are constructed by pouring or can be made into refractory prefabricated parts. The construction is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, and the service life is twice as long as that of refractory bricks.

High alumina brick fire castables have a wide range of applications: suitable for heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, rotary kilns; various high-temperature burner linings, heating furnace water pipe wrapping linings, molten steel furnace external refining device components and petrochemical catalytic cracking High-temperature wear-resistant lining of the reactor; linings such as blast furnace tap trough, iron furnace tap trough, integral powder spray gun for molten iron pretreatment, etc. It can also be used to make large prefabricated blocks and furnace linings.

Product application: Can be used as lining of various heat treatment furnaces, such as blast furnace hot blast furnace, heating furnace, electric furnace tapping trough


Product description: High alumina brick castable is a refractory castable made from high alumina clinker as aggregate, refractory clay as powder, aluminate cement and sodium tripolyphosphate added according to formula proportions.


The main varieties of high alumina brick refractory castables include Portland cement, ordinary calcium aluminate cement, pure calcium aluminate cement, fused pure calcium aluminate cement castables, etc. The main varieties of high alumina refractory products hardened by chemical reaction include water Glass, aluminum sulfate, phosphate castables, etc.


Main features of high alumina brick refractory castables


1. The cement content in the high alumina brick refractory castable is low, that is, the calcium oxide content is low, which reduces the production of low melts in the material, thus improving the refractory resistance, high temperature strength and slag resistance of the product.


2. The water consumption for mixing is only about half of that of ordinary castables, thus increasing the density of the castables and reducing the porosity.


3. After molding and curing, less cement hydrate is generated. During heating and baking, a large amount of water does not leak out and reduce the medium-temperature strength. Instead, as the temperature increases, the material gradually sinters and the strength continues to increase.


4. Refractory resistance. The refractory resistance of high-aluminum refractory castables is between 1100 ~ 1700℃.


5. Good high temperature performance and high strength. Wide operating temperature range. There is basically no shrinkage after high temperature, which overcomes the shrinkage characteristics of refractory concrete in the past. The product is easy to store, transport and use.


High alumina brick refractory castable is a type of low cement castable with a cement content of less than 8%. Different from ordinary refractory castables, most of the calcium aluminate cement in the matrix is replaced by (Elkem) ultrafine powder, and an appropriate amount of additives are added to achieve and exceed the performance of ordinary cement castables.


High alumina brick refractory castable production process: material selection - batching - mixing - packaging - warehousing


1. Select the raw materials for making high-aluminum castables according to the formula.


2. Calculate the gradation of aggregates and powders and the dosage of binders and additives based on the raw material formula, requiring strict control of aggregate powder particles.


3. Put the weighed aggregate and powder into the mixer and stir evenly, then pour the powder into the aggregate and stir evenly for 8-10 minutes.


4. Put the mixed high-aluminum castable into a large bag, add additives and binders, and then package it.


5. Store the packaged high-aluminum castables in the warehouse, and make sure the date is marked and moisture-proof and waterproof.

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