DYSEN Tips/Keep Warm As Shanghai Weather Plummets

Dec 19, 2023

Shanghai continues to be in "refrigerator mode" this week, with the lowest temperature in the urban area being -3℃ again...Hold on, 14℃ is coming by the middle of next week

How much snow is there today?

It can be seen with the naked eye, can be seen on car windows, and can be picked up on sleeves, but it cannot accumulate on the ground.

However, the snow fell "carelessly" today, and it gradually turned to light rain in the morning.

In sharp contrast to the "scalp snow" in Shanghai, the "neighbors" in the Yangtze River Delta are experiencing quite heavy snow: "# Direct Attack on Jiangsu Large Range Rain and Snow Weather#" has been on the Weibo topic list; many places in Jiangsu have also announced the suspension of classes. emergency notification.

Purple Mountain in Nanjing, dense forest with snow falling.

The Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory forecasts that it will be cloudy and light rain in the city tonight. As the temperature drops, there will be light rain or light sleet in the western region from midnight today to tomorrow morning. Tomorrow it will be cloudy with light rain at times, and it will become cloudy to cloudy around the evening.

The lowest temperature will be below zero from Thursday to early next week

It is worth mentioning that after tomorrow’s rain and snow, a new round of cold air is about to arrive.

This wave of cold air sweeps away the water vapor, and Shanghai seems to have entered the "quick-freezing chamber" of the refrigerator, but the sun will also return with it.


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