Bulk Refractory Raw Material Market Analysis In The First Half Of November 2023

Dec 18, 2023

The market conditions for bulk raw materials were stable in the first half of November.

[Corundum] Bauxite control is relatively strict, raw materials are tight, brown corundum production enterprises have limited operating capacity, and market supply has decreased. However, in view of the light demand and the impact of other substitutes, the brown corundum market is mainly stable. . White corundum and dense corundum are operating strongly under the support of industrial alumina, and some companies have raised their quotations.

[Silicon Carbide] The trend of silicon carbide is stable, the supply of primary products is sufficient, the demand level has not improved, and the market trading is light.

[Magnesia] The magnesia market has not experienced major fluctuations for the time being, and the changes in magnesite ore have not led to an increase in the magnesia market. However, the current market trend is obviously strong.

[Flake Graphite] As the weather has turned colder, a very small number of companies have stopped production due to equipment reasons, and the supply of flake graphite will tend to decrease further in the future. According to a company in Luobei area, due to the large volume of local coal and grain transportation, the number of external graphite transportation vehicles has decreased, and freight rates have also increased.

[Bauxite] The domestic bauxite market is currently relatively stable, but high-grade bauxite is still tight. With the arrival of the heating season, environmental protection controls may become more stringent.


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