What determines the density of refractory castables?

Apr 08, 2024

Generally, when using refractory castables, you need to pay attention to its density value in advance because castables produced by different manufacturers have different densities. This is also because there may be other substances inside that affect the density, so customers must be sure when purchasing. Pay attention to the value that meets the production requirements.

The density of refractory castables is linked to its own weight. Only by determining the density can its specific gravity be determined. The higher the density, the heavier the castables will be.

What factors determine the weight of refractory castables?

1. The density of the aggregate will have a certain impact on the aluminum content, and the higher the aluminum content, the heavier it will be.

2. The density of the aggregate may be affected by its chemical composition, porosity and other properties, which may affect the weight of the refractory castable. For example, the higher the alumina content in the aluminum-silicon lightweight aggregate, the greater the density and porosity. Larger results in lower volume density.


Although it is often said that the higher the density of refractory castables, the better, but it is not correct because its density is determined by the use performance and other use parts, and the density of the castables must be based on Otherwise, it will not play a very good role if the selection is based on the actual situation. It is also necessary to observe in time the adverse effects that different castables may have on the production process and solve the problem early to ensure that no additional problems will occur in the future.

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