The use temperature range of commonly used refractory bricks

Dec 05, 2023

Ordinary clay refractory bricks have good thermal shock and are used for general kiln linings. The operating temperature is around 1250℃. If it is a low-gas clay brick, it can be used in glass kilns and some special kiln linings. The operating temperature is above 1350℃. If andalusite or cordierite is added to clay refractory bricks, the use temperature will be above 1400°C.

If it is a lightweight clay refractory brick series, the temperature used in the insulation area is in the range of 1000-1200°C.

High-alumina refractory bricks are used in the high-temperature area of the kiln lining, and the use area is in the 1300-1400°C range. If the temperature exceeds 1400°C, anti-flaking high-alumina refractory bricks or corundum bricks must be used. The high-alumina refractory bricks used in the burner part should be mullite refractory bricks or corundum-mullite refractory bricks, with a service temperature of 1300 to 1600°C. That is, it is resistant to high temperatures, wear-resistant, fatigue-resistant, and flexible.

If andalusite or cordierite is added to high alumina bricks, the service temperature of this special refractory brick is between 1350-1500°C. If it is a lightweight high-alumina refractory brick, it is used in the thermal insulation area. It plays the role of heat preservation and the operating temperature is between 1200-1350℃. It can only be used for thermal insulation and cannot be used on the working layer.

Mullite polylight refractory bricks are used in the insulation layer, and the service temperature is between 1400-1500°C.

If it is alumina hollow ball refractory bricks, it can be used as a heat preservation area or directly used as a working layer. The operating temperature is 1600-1700°C. 

If it is an alkali-resistant refractory brick, the general use temperature of alkali-resistant bricks is below 1200°C. If it is magnesia alkaline brick, the use temperature is between 1500-1650℃.

The use temperature of corundum refractory bricks is higher, above 1700℃. And high intensity. Refractory bricks made of corundum refractory bricks and silicon carbide are not only resistant to high temperatures, have good strength, but also have excellent wear resistance.

In short, no matter how high the temperature is, choosing the right temperature refractory bricks can save costs and satisfy the use.

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