The use of thermal insulation resistant material advantages

May 07, 2024

Insulation resistant materials are generally materials with a guiding thermal coefficient of less than or equal to 0.2. The use of good insulation technology and materials in construction and industry can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. Statistics show that every ton of mineral wool insulation products used in construction can save one ton of oil a year.

For example, in industrial equipment and pipeline projects, good insulation conditions can reduce heat loss by about 95%, and the investment usually used for insulation resistant materials can be recovered by saving energy for about a year. Before 1980, the development of thermal insulation resistant materials in China is very slow, a few thermal insulation resistant materials factories can only produce a small amount of expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, slag wool, ultra-fine glass wool, microporous calcium silicate and other products, mineral wool factories are few, the production capacity is less than 10,000 tons, loose cotton, calcium silicate insulation materials are only 3, with an annual output of 8000 cubic meters. The quantity and quality of products can not meet the requirements.

Insulation resistant material can prevent mold growth, avoid pests or rats bite, and acid and alkali resistance, superior performance. These properties make rubber and plastic an ideal insulation material to protect pipes and prevent them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments. Product applications, industrial and civil buildings: high-rise building internal and external walls and roof insulation layer, all kinds of pipeline insulation, air conditioning duct insulation layer, fire doors, wall core layer, flammable warehouse, cold storage insulation, etc. Petroleum, chemical engineering: petroleum chemical pipeline, heat pipeline, hot and cold air duct insulation, chemical container insulation. Vehicles and ships: thermal insulation of passenger cars, refrigerated trucks and special vehicles; Heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and fire prevention of civil and military ships, hulls and cabins. Household appliances: water tank, freezer, freezer and other insulation. Low bulk density closed cell foam glass insulation products Foam glass is glass powder as the base material, adding admixtures through the tunnel kiln high temperature roasting. It's a high-grade thermal insulation material. It has the characteristics of light bulk weight, small thermal conductivity, impermeability, small water absorption, no burning, no mildew, high mechanical strength, easy processing, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic itself, stable performance, both cold retaining material and heat preservation resistant material, and can adapt to the deep cold to the higher temperature range. At the same time, its important value is not only that it will not deteriorate for a long time, but also plays a role in fire prevention and shock prevention.


It is not only safe and reliable, but also durable when used in the harsh environment of low temperature and deep cooling, underground engineering, flammable and explosive, wet and chemical erosion, and is known as "no need to replace the heat insulation material", so it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, underground engineering, shipbuilding, national defense and military insulation and cold engineering.

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