The 10th China International Magnesium Materials Expo was successfully held

Oct 13, 2023

From September 22nd to 24th, the 10th China Liaoning (Yingkou Dashiqiao) International Magnesium Materials Expo and hosted by the Liaoning Provincial National New Raw Materials Base Construction Engineering Center, Yingkou Municipal People's Government, and Liaoning Non-Metallic Mineral Industry Association The 4th Liaoning Investment and Trade Fair magnesium industry investment promotion seminar was successfully held in Dashiqiao City, Yingkou, Liaoning.


From the Liaoning Provincial Department of Natural Resources, Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Liaoning Provincial Magnesite Industry High-Quality Development Leading Group, Liaoning Provincial National New Raw Material Base Construction Engineering Center, Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Liaoning Provincial Relevant leaders from the Environmental Protection Department and the Yingkou and Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committees and Municipal Governments, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, China Refractory Materials Industry Association, Liaoning Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association, China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association, China Inorganic Salt Industry Association, China Magnesite Leaders of industry associations, Henan Provincial Refractory Materials Industry Association, Yingkou Refractory Materials Industry Association, Anshan Magnesite Industry Association and other industry associations, as well as leaders of governments and competent departments of major magnesite producing areas in Liaoning, leaders of relevant universities in the province and attended industrial development A total of more than 600 people, including experts from the forum and representatives from participating companies across the country, attended the Magnesium Expo.


The theme of this magnesium expo is "actively promoting the transformation and upgrading of magnesite and promoting the high-quality development of the magnesium industry", with an exhibition area of 4,300 square meters. There are three professional exhibition areas including the magnesium materials comprehensive exhibition area, the magnesium building materials and magnesium chemical industry exhibition area, and the non-alkaline refractory materials and equipment enterprises, with 181 booths and 124 exhibiting companies. It comprehensively demonstrated the comprehensive management results and new products, new technologies, new equipment and new achievements of the magnesium industry in Liaoning Province. Also participating in the exhibition are upstream equipment companies, raw material supply companies, and scientific research institutes in the magnesium industry.


This Magnesium Expo is based on the urgently needed problems in the magnesium industry. It also focuses on promoting the latest environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment and new furnaces, and promotes practical technologies and the latest scientific research results in the magnesium material industry that encourage development. The exhibitions "Achievements in the Development of Magnesium Industry in Liaoning Province" and "Achievements in the Development of the Dashiqiao Magnesite Industry" were held.


The highlight of this magnesium expo, the "Magnesia Materials Industry Development Summit Forum", was held as scheduled after the opening ceremony. Nearly 30 experts focused on the hot spots and bottlenecks in the development of the magnesium refractory materials industry, the transformation and upgrading of the magnesite industry and environmental protection, Topics such as intelligent manufacturing and new developments in carbon peak and carbon neutrality will be specially discussed. The main contents include: analysis and prospects of the refractory industry operation in the first half of 2023, discussion on the global development of China's refractory industry, and the development status and prospects of China's magnesium chemical industry. Comparison and development prospects of Europe and the United States, the current status and development direction of China's magnesium building materials industry, the development of China's steel industry and refractory industry, the requirements and development of magnesite refractory materials for steel industry production and technological progress, the current status and development of magnesite industry in Liaoning Province, etc. wait.

On the 23rd, the 4th Liaoning Investment and Trade Fair magnesium industry investment promotion special promotion and the 10th China Liaoning (Yingkou Dashiqiao) International Magnesium Materials Expo project signing ceremony were held. According to statistics, a total of 89 projects were signed at this expo, with a transaction value of 22.42 billion yuan.


The convening of the 10th China Liaoning (Yingkou Dashiqiao) International Magnesium Materials Expo has accelerated the research and application of new equipment, new technologies, and new processes in the Dashiqiao magnesium industry, accelerated the green development of enterprises, and strengthened the industry-wide technological innovation. This event is an important measure for Liaoning Province to fully implement the new development concept and build a new pattern of industrial development. It will surely inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of Liaoning Province's magnesite industry.

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