Bulk refractory raw material market analysis in the first half of September 2023

Oct 07, 2023

Bulk refractory raw material market analysis in the first half of September 2023


Data from the Refractory Window shows that the bulk raw material market experienced ups and downs on September 12, with mixed gains and losses.


[Corundum] The sales situation of brown corundum has improved, corporate inventories have decreased, coupled with the increase in inquiries during the peak procurement season, tight supply of raw materials, and high costs, the benchmark price of brown corundum has increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton.


The price of industrial alumina has increased, and the benchmark prices of white corundum and sintered corundum have both been raised by 50 yuan/ton. However, as demand has not improved, white corundum companies have mostly taken a wait-and-see attitude towards market expectations. The sintered corundum market may remain stable for some time. Subsequent price changes will also depend on whether demand improves significantly and the price trend of alumina.


[Magnesia] After entering September, the shipment volume of magnesia companies has rebounded slightly, and the sales situation has improved compared with July-August, but the market price still remains stable. In terms of production, the operating rate of enterprises remains at around 70%, and the oversupply situation in the market has not improved.


[Flake Graphite] Affected by sluggish demand, the flake graphite market continues to be weak, with the benchmark price falling again by 200 yuan/ton. As the benchmark price of flake graphite gets closer to the cost line, the market may gradually stabilize in the future.


[Bauxite] The bauxite market as a whole maintains a stable trend. Bauxite supply remains tight, but downstream demand remains weak. Therefore, companies in Shanxi, Henan and Guizhou have not adjusted bauxite prices.


[Silicon Carbide] The inventory of secondary silicon carbide is at a low level. Inquiries have increased recently and the trend is strong. Enterprises have adjusted their increase plans. The primary product currently remains stable.

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