Refractory industry development trend and market prospect analysis

Jan 15, 2024

I.The development trend of refractory industry

With the continuous development of steel, cement, glass and other industries, the market demand for refractories has also increased. At the same time, with the progress of science and technology and technological innovation, the types and performance of refractory materials have been continuously promoted and improved. In the future, the development trend of the refractory industry is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Diversified product trend: With the increase in demand, the types and specifications of refractory products will become more diversified to meet the needs of different customers.

2. Improve product performance: In terms of product performance, refractory manufacturers will strengthen research and development and launch high-performance new products with better quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. The improvement of environmental protection requirements: With the continuous enhancement of environmental protection awareness, refractory production enterprises will also strive to achieve green and sustainable development throughout the product life cycle.

4. Enhance the development of the international market: With the continuous maturity of the international market, refractory industry manufacturers will also strengthen the expansion of the international market, improve product quality and service level, and strive for more international market share.

II.the market prospects of refractory industry

At present, the main application areas of the domestic refractory market are steel, cement, machinery, metallurgy, glass and other industries, the products are mainly used in high temperature and high pressure furnaces, furnaces, heat treatment furnaces and other high temperature equipment. In the future, with the gradual rise and development of construction, electronics, chemical and other industries, the application field of refractory market will be more extensive; At the same time, the process has been continuously improved and optimized, product performance and quality have been improved, and the market space will be broader.

In terms of market competition, the competitive pattern of the domestic refractory market is gradually becoming fierce, and the main production enterprises include Yantai Shirong, Luoyang Oriental Refractory, Baosteel special steel and so on. These refractory enterprises have a certain scale and technical advantages, and continue to increase product research and development investment, improve product quality and service level, in order to compete for a larger market share.

III. the main refractory products and characteristics

1. Fire stone

Fire stone refers to calcined high-alumina raw materials, usually used in the production of refractory products such as iron and steel metallurgy and electric power. It has the characteristics of high strength, high refractoriness and corrosion resistance.

2. Silica-carbonaceous materials

Silica-carbonaceous materials have the characteristics of good oxidation resistance, strong thermal shock stability, small thermal expansion, etc., and are indispensable refractories in the manufacture of steel, alloy and other industries.

3. Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is a new high-tech ceramic material, with high hardness, high strength, high temperature stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in power, aviation, aerospace and other high-tech fields.

4. Alumina ceramics

Alumina ceramics is a kind of high quality, high-tech products, with high hardness, high strength, high temperature stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, mainly used in high voltage insulation, optical fields.

Iv. Summary

Refractory is an essential key raw material for steel, cement, glass and other industries, and the market demand has maintained a stable growth trend for a long time. In the future, the refractory industry will usher in a broader market space and more intense competition. Enterprises should strengthen research and development, optimize product structure, improve product quality and service level, in order to occupy a larger market share.


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