Polycrystalline Mullite Fiber

Dec 26, 2023

Polycrystalline mullite fiber (PMF) is the latest ultra-light and high-temperature refractory fiber at home and abroad. It is one of the entire Al2O3-SiO2 series ceramic fibers. Its service temperature is 1500-1700°C, which is 200 times higher than that of glass fiber. -400℃. Polycrystalline mullite fiber production technology. In March 1983, a company in Zhejiang completed the major scientific research project "Crystalline Fiber Research" assigned by the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Commission, and was the first unit in China to obtain this technical appraisal. After years of hard work, it has acquired exquisite production experience and reliable quality assurance, and provides application technical consultation, installation and construction and a series of after-sales service measures.


The launch of polycrystalline mullite fiber on the market provides a material basis for designers and researchers to design new equipment, develop new products, and new processes; it also provides industrial and mining enterprises with thermal equipment with the ability to transform old equipment, increase production, save energy, and improve the environment, even if progress is made. Provides the most ideal means.


Polycrystalline mullite fiber is a fiber composed of high melting point metal oxide microcrystals. 

Application scope:

Polycrystalline mullite fiber products can be used for a long time as insulation materials in high-temperature thermal equipment below 1600°C, such as silicon carbide electric furnaces, molybdenum silicide electric furnaces, various steel heating furnaces, mechanical forging furnaces, etc., which can significantly improve equipment Thermal efficiency, greatly save energy, increase productivity and improve product quality.

It can be used in heat insulation of various high-temperature industrial kilns; ceramic kilns; mechanical and metallurgical heating furnaces; hot surface linings of heat treatment furnaces and other industrial kilns; high-temperature fire protection and flame isolation; kiln doors, kiln cars, expansion joints, etc. Thermal insulation materials; glass kiln insulation.


Polycrystalline mullite fiber is widely used in the lining insulation of high-temperature industrial kilns and other thermal equipment in the fields of metallurgy, machinery, ceramics, electronics, petrochemicals, aerospace and other fields. It can achieve the purpose of saving energy and increasing production, reducing the temperature difference in the furnace, improving product quality, reducing the consumption of spare parts, extending the life of the furnace body and improving the working environment. According to the scope of application, it can be divided into:

Polycrystalline mullite fiber wool

Polycrystalline mullite fiber veneer block

Polycrystalline mullite fiberboard

Polycrystalline mullite fiber special-shaped products

Polycrystalline mullite fiber felt

Polycrystalline mullite fiber blanket

Polycrystalline mullite fiber module

Polycrystalline mullite fiber paper

Polycrystalline mullite fiber electric heating module

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