• High Alumina Refractory Ball Refractory Material
    High Alumina Refractory Ball DYSEN Industrial
    Refractory porcelain balls Refractory balls are made of industrial alumina and refractory kaolin as the main raw materials, through scientific formula, shaping and high-temperature calcination. nature It has 1. high mechanical strength and long service life; 2. good chemical stability and no chemical reaction with materials; 3. good high temperature resistance, the maximum heat-resistant temperature of the refractory ceramic ball can reach 1900 degrees. It is especially suitable for use in high and low temperature conversion furnaces, reforming furnaces, hydroconverters, desulfurization tanks and methanation furnaces in fertilizer plants. It plays the role of dispersing gas and liquid, and supporting, covering and protecting catalysts. Refractory ceramic balls can also be used in hot blast furnaces and heating conversion equipment in the steel industry.

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