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High Alumina Runner Fire Brick

Highumina Runner Brick refers to a type of refractory brick that is designed specifically for use in the runners and channels of metal casting systems, such as in foundries and steel plants. These bricks are made from high-purity alumina or high-alumina raw materials, which offer excellent heat resistance and thermal stability.

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The purpose of High Alumina Runner Bricks is to provide a durable and heat-resistant lining in the runner systems, which transport molten metal from the furnace to the mold during the casting process. These bricks are exposed to high temperatures and corrosive conditions, and they need to withstand the thermal shock and chemical reactions that occur during metal casting.

High Alumina Runner Bricks are characterized by their high refractoriness, resistance to thermal spalling, and low erosion by molten metals or slag. They have good thermal conductivity to facilitate the efficient flow of molten metal. The bricks are typically shaped and sized to fit the specific runner system design and can be held together with mortar or other refractory materials.

The use of High Alumina Runner Bricks helps improve the efficiency and durability of the casting process, ensuring a reliable and consistent flow of molten metal through the runner system while minimizing the risk of erosion and damage.

Product parameters:

Al2O3 % >36 >40 >48 >55 >65 >70
Fe2O3 % <2.0 <1.8 <2.0 <2.0 <2.0 <1.5
Alkalinity % <1.8 <1.8 <1.8 <1.8 <1.8 <1.8
Apparent porosity % 17-25 <22 <25 <26 <26 <25
Bulk Density g/cm3 >2.1 >2.18 >2.2 >2.25 >2.3 >2.35
Refractoriness ℃ >1700 >1710 >1750 >1770 >1790 >1790



Runner bricks are used in the field of found and casting operations. They serve as a channel for directing molten metal from the furnace to the mold cavity. The primary application of runner bricks is in the construction of gating systems to ensure smooth and controlled flow of the molten metal. These systems consist of types of bricks, including runner bricks, sprue bricks, and ingate bricks.

Runner bricks are specifically designed to form the runners, which are passageways connecting the sprue (main channel) to the mold cavities. They create a pathway for the molten metal to flow uniformly and distribute it evenly to multiple mold cavities. The shape and size of the runner bricks depend on the casting design and the desired flow characteristics.

The placement and arrangement of runner bricks are crucial to achieve optimal metal flow and avoid defects such as porosity, cold shuts, or incomplete fill. The runner system design should consider factors like metal type, pouring temperature, mold complexity, and desired solidification pattern. Runner bricks are typically made of refractory materials capable of withstanding the high temperatures and thermal shock during the casting process.

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