silicon carbide Refractory Material

Silicon Carbide/ Emery Sand/ Refractory Sand

Silicon carbide is also called emery sand or refractory sand. Silicon carbide is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke, and wood chips). When producing green silicon carbide, salt and other raw materials need to be added and smelted at high temperature in a resistance furnace. Currently, the silicon carbide produced industrially in my country is divided into black silicon carbide and green carbonized silicon carbide. There are two types of silicon, both of which are hexagonal crystals with a specific gravity of 3.90g/cm3.

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Product parameters:

Black silicon carbide (C)      
Grain size SIC % F.C % Fe2O3 %
16#90# >98.50 <0.02 <0.60
100-180 >98.50 <0.30 <0.80
220-240 >98.00 <0.30 <1.20
Green silicon carbide (GC)      
Grain size SIC % F.C % Fe2O3 %
2090 >99.00 <0.20 <0.20
100-180 >98.50 <0.25 <0.50
220-240 >98.00 <0.25 <0.70
Type Grain Size (μm) Type Grain Size (μm)
16# 1400-1180 120# 125-106
20# 1180-1000 150# 106-75
22# 1000-850 180# 90-63
24# 850-710 220# 75-53
30# 710-600 240# 75-53
36# 600-500 W63 63-50
40# 500-425 W50 50-40
46# 425-355 W40 40-28
54# 355-300 W28 28-20
60# 300-250 W20 20-14
70# 250-212 W14 14-10
80# 212-180 W10 10-7
90# 180-150 W7 7-5
100# 150-125 W5 5-3.5


Product features:  Mullite Castable

1. Application in non-ferrous metal smelting industry

Silicon carbide is used for high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity, impact resistance, and can be used as high-temperature indirect heating materials, such as pot distillation furnaces, distillation furnace trays, aluminum electrolytic cells, copper melting furnace linings, and arc furnaces for zinc powder furnaces. Profile plate, thermocouple protection tube, etc.

2、Applications in the steel industry

Utilize silicon carbide's corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity to be used in large blast furnace linings to increase service life.

3、Application in metallurgical mineral processing industry

The hardness of silicon carbide is second only to diamond, and it has strong wear resistance. It is an ideal material for wear-resistant pipes, impellers, pump chambers, cyclones, and hopper linings. Its wear resistance is 5 times longer than that of cast iron and rubber. —20 times, it is also one of the ideal materials for aviation runways.

4. Applications in building materials, ceramics and grinding wheel industry

Making use of its thermal conductivity, thermal radiation, and high thermal intensity characteristics to manufacture thin plate kiln furniture can not only reduce the capacity of the kiln furniture, but also improve the kiln's loading capacity and product quality, shorten the production cycle, and is the ideal method for baking and sintering ceramic glazed surfaces. Ideal for indirect materials.

5. Applications in energy saving

Utilizing good thermal conductivity and thermal stability as a heat exchanger, it reduces fuel consumption, saves fuel, and improves productivity. Especially for the internal drainage pipelines used in mine dressing plants, their wear resistance is 6-6 times that of ordinary wear-resistant materials. 7 times

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