Professional Terms for Refractory Materials 5

Nov 08, 2023

121. Sintering

Under the push of heat, materials between particles or within particles migrate to increase interface contact, causing particles to bond.

122. slag

Non-metallic substances formed during metal smelting or chemical reactions between refractory materials (108) and working environment media.

123. spalling

This causes flaking or cracking on the surface of the refractory material (108).

124. Spinel

Magnesium aluminate MgO Al2O3. Note: The term spinel also generally refers to compounds with a cubic crystal structure composed of divalent and trivalent metal oxides, such as chromite (037).

125. Surface crazing/crazing

Network-like capillary cracks (070) appearing on the surface of refractory products.

126. tap~hoIe mix/tap-hole plastic

It is composed of refractory aggregate (003), fine powder (059), binder (010) and liquid. After burning, it forms a charcoal bond. It is a refractory plastic (099) specially used for blocking the blast furnace tap hole. It is supplied in the used state. .

127. Heat treatment tempering

A process of heating asphalt-bonded (097) refractory products to a lower temperature (below 800°C) for treatment.

128. tensile strength tensile strength

The maximum tensile stress that refractory ceramic fiber (026) products and other refractory products can withstand before fracture.

129. Macrostructure texture

The relationship between the shape and size of particles and pores in refractory materials. Note: "Texture" is translated as "texture" in materials science. This term by its definition gives the name "macrostructure".

130. thermal conductivity

The heat transferred through unit area of material in the direction of heat flow under unit temperature gradient per unit time.

131. thermal diffusivity

The ratio of the thermal conductivity (130) of the refractory material (108) to its heat capacity per unit volume.

132. Thermal expansion coefficient thermal expansion coefficient

The relative change rate of the specimen length for every 1°C increase in temperature from room temperature to the test temperature.

133. Thermal shock resistance thermal shock resistance

The ability of refractory materials (108) to withstand rapid changes in temperature without damage.

134. true density true density

The ratio of the solid mass in a refractory material (108) to its true volume (136).

135. true porosity

The ratio of the sum of the volumes of open pores (093) and closed pores (039) in the refractory material (108) to the total volume (018).

136. true volume true volume

The volume of the solid portion of the refractory material (108).

137. Ultralow cement castable/ULCC

Anti-flocculation castable (050) with a calcium oxide content (mass fraction) of 0.2% and 1.0% brought in by cement.

138. Unshaped refractory/monolithic refractory

A mixture composed of aggregate (003), fine powder (059), binder (010) and additives, used directly in the delivery state, or one or more suitable materials that do not affect its refractoriness (110) of liquid before use. Note: Castables can contain metal, organic or inorganic fiber materials, and can be dense or insulating. After the sample is fired under the specified conditions, the true porosity shall be measured according to GB/T 2988 and shall not be less than 45%, which is called an insulating monolithic refractory material.

139. Vibration/vibro-compaction

During the construction or sample preparation of unshaped refractory materials (138), vibration is used to make them dense.

140. Twisted warpage

The deviation between the plane of the product and the reference plane.

141. workability

A measure of the ease with which amorphous refractory materials (138) can be molded or formed.

142. Yield by volume/material requirement

The amount of unshaped refractory materials (138) in the supplied state required for the construction of 1m3 masonry is measured in t/m3 and is accurate to 1%.

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