• insulating castable
    Light Weight Insulating Castable
    Lightweight insulation castables are composed of high-quality, high-strength materials, aggregates and ultra-fine powders, and composite additives. It has the advantages of high refractoriness, high strength and low thermal conductivity. The thermal insulation castable of the present invention has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity and small volume density, which can reduce the heat and thermal energy consumption of industrial kilns and reduce the weight of the furnace lining. Among high-temperature lightweight castables, the raw materials for high-temperature lightweight castables that can be used above 1200°C are porous materials, porous clinkers such as mullite, corundum, high alumina, siliceous and magnesium oxide, or lightweight bricks. This castable can be directly used in the lining of atmosphere furnaces at 1350°C.

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