• Corundum Wear-Resistant Castable
    Corundum Wear Resistant Castable
    Corundum wear-resistant castables are made of high-quality aggregates, fine powders, and compound additives. Appropriate liquid is added to the construction site for ramming and vibration molding. After baking, it can be used directly. It has high strength, high wear resistance, and low porosity. , Characteristics of high strength at medium temperature. Resistant to drastic changes in cold and heat, corrosion-resistant, with excellent overall stability, good furnace lining integrity, long service life, easy construction, and can be arbitrarily shaped. It is suitable for various metallurgical industrial furnaces, chemical industrial furnaces, waste incinerators, and circulating flows. Chemical bed boiler. It is often used in CFB boilers and other thermal equipment where erosion and wear are severe and construction is difficult.

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