Refractory Cement DM708

Oct 31, 2023

Refractory Cement DM708

Casting material is a granular and powdery material made of refractory substances, and is composed of a certain amount of binder and moisture. It has high fluidity, is suitable for construction by pouring method, and is an unshaped refractory material that can be hardened without heating. It is composed of refractory aggregate, powder, binder, admixture, water or other liquid materials. Generally, they are cast, vibrated or tamped at the site of use, and can also be made into prefabricated parts.


For example, aluminate cement refractory castables can be widely used in various heating furnaces and other thermal equipment without slag and acid and alkali erosion. In parts that are corroded by molten iron, molten steel and slag and have high working temperatures, such as tap troughs, steel ladles, blast furnace shafts, tap troughs, etc., cement made of low calcium and pure high alumina cement can be used. Refractory castables made of high-quality granular and powdery materials with high alumina content and good sintering. Another example is that phosphate refractory castables can be widely used in heating furnaces and soaking furnaces for heating metals, and can also be used in coke ovens and cement kilns in parts that are in direct contact with materials.

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