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Ladle refractory castable is a type of refractory material specifically designed for lining and protecting the ladles used in steelmaking and other molten metal handling operations. Ladles are large vessels used for transporting and pouring molten metal from one location to another.

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Product parameters:

Ladle Castable Condition Spinel Al and Mg Mg Mass
Al2O3, % ≥ - 88 72 32
MgO, % ≥ - 7 11 60
SiO2, % ≥ - - 9.5 -
Bulk Density, g/cm3 ≥ 110℃×24h 3.1 2.9 2.9
  1550℃×3h 2.95 2.8 2.8
Linear change, % 110℃×24h 0-0.2 0-0.2 0-0.2
  1550℃×3h 0-0.8 0.5-1.5 0.5-1.2
Modulus of Rupture, MPa ≥ 110℃×24h 7 9 6
  1550℃×3h 8 9 8
Cold Crushing Strength, MPa ≥ 110℃×24h 30 60 45
  1550℃×3h 70 60 40
Amount of water, % - 5.0-6.0 5.0-6.0 5.0-6.0

Ladle refractory castable is formulated to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in ladle applications, including high temperatures, thermal shock, and chemical corrosion from molten metal and slag. It is composed of a combination of refractory aggregates, binders, and additives that provide the necessary properties for lining ladles.

key characteristics:

  1. High heat resistance: Ladle castable is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in molten metal applications, ranging from several hundred degrees Celsius to over 1600°C (2912°F).

  2. Thermal shock resistance: It can withstand rapid temperature changes without cracking or spalling, which is important as ladles are subjected to repeated heating and cooling cycles during metal transfer and pouring.

  3. Resistance to chemical attack: Ladle castable is formulated to resist the corrosive effects of molten metal and slag, which can erode and damage the lining. The refractory aggregates and additives used in the formulation provide chemical stability and resistance.

  4. Erosion resistance: Ladle castables are designed to resist erosion caused by the movement and flow of molten metal and slag within the ladle.

The specific formulation of ladle refractory castable may vary depending on the type and grade of ladle, the molten metal being handled, and the specific operating conditions. The castable is typically installed as a lining in ladles, either by gunning or casting methods, to protect the ladle shell from damage and maintain the integrity of the molten metal during transfer and pouring operations.

Proper installation, curing, and maintenance practices are important for maximizing the performance and service life of ladle refractory castable. Regular inspections, repairs, and relining of ladles are necessary to ensure safe and efficient molten metal handling.

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